there goes another week!

25th Jan 2014

The mini clock on my desk shows 12:15am – it’s a saturday. yay for the weekend! tho i work from home (as most of you would’ve known) – weekends are what i’m so looking forward to. not because i don’t work on weekends (like most of you lucky people!), but simply because weekend is the time/day when i get to take a short ‘day off’ to get my raw supplies and sometimes.. (well, MOST of the times) go on a hunt for new stuff, new place to shop and new ideas!

yes, that’s how i spend my weekend.

and speaking of weekend, i just completed 3 projects this week. yay! completed some sticker designs for a home-based bakery store. also completed a wedding print goods AND a baby’s fullmoon print goods. i must say, i’m proud of myself! ha ha. if projects like this keeps coming my way (and i have the good Lord to thank for), pretty soon i’d be able to buy myself a brand new pink car! :P

anyway. here’s one of my favorite project of the week:



can you guess what it is?

if you guessed ‘cake topper’.. then you’re correct! ;)

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playing on repeat

25th Jan 2014

my current obsession

her voice could bring me to places. places where i never thought i’d be ‘going’ to…

Happy New Year!

11th Jan 2014

Yeah.. a lil bit on the late side of wishing that. But hey, I’ve got a pretty good reason for that. My home-based business has been booming quite nicely since early this year. Lots of birthdays, fullmoon and wedding coming up that I need to work on. Seems like 2014 is a good year to start with – hopefully it is too on your side. :)

Here’s what I was working on just recently:


A dinosaur-themed birthday for a client who’s running an event company. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I’ve also made a New Year’s resolution of putting myself before work: I will be going to bed at 10:00 PM every night now so I could get enough sleep. Work can wait (even tho my work never seems to end at home! lol) coz health is something really important. I also plan to sign up for a gym (again) this year. Gotta shed all those extra weights I gain for the past few years. Ha ha. Also making more $$ is another objective for this year. lol

That said, I end my post with a picture of me working on my brother’s recent beach wedding on New year’s eve.


PS: I made the table, the deco and all that. ;)