Hello Cindy, are you the owner of Forever Tulip?

Yes, that would be me…

Are you a makeup artist or a web designer?

I’m a freelance graphic designer and a part-time makeup artist.

Do you accept custom theme order?

Yes, but it depends on my time availability.

How much do you charge?

It depends really on the design. It could range from $50 and above.

Would you like to join my company as a freelance designer?

Depends how much I’m getting paid!! Well, I’m just an email away. Hit me up with your best shot and I might consider.

Did you go to a web designing school?

No. I’m a self-taught person.

Can I be your friend?

I make friends with my regular blog readers.

Can you make me a blog header?

Yes, I can. Either pay me or try getting on my soft side. I might make you one.

Do you accept donations?

YES!! My donation button can be found at the page where I talk about myself. *hee*

I don’t see my question here. Can I email you instead?