it’s been a while..

19th May 2017

Wow, when was the last time I posted in this blog? This poor, poor, blog…

I have been telling myself that I *must* start posting on my blog, at least maybe once a week? But we all know that it didn’t happen.. lol. *sigh* With all the things going on in my life, I find it really hard to sit down and blog like I used to do, and it’s kinda sad.. Blogging used to be a daily thing for me. Whatever happened to that spirit? Do people change as they grow older?

Talked to an old friend of mine yesterday – a girl I used to be classmates with since Kindergarten – about growing up and getting old. I told her about me being worried for myself. Not in a bad way that is, but, well.. just 10 years ago, a visit to the mall means dress shopping or shoe shopping. But look at myself now? A visit to the mall and I’ll find myself going towards Parkson in search of a good bed sheet and dinnerware of all the thing!! That is so worrying!! What’s happening to me?? I am slowly turning into MY MOTHER!

I guess that’s how life cycle goes. We grow, we learn and we get old.. :-(

But on a lighter note, I have grown a liking to calligraphy and hand lettering. Yay!

I’ve actually spent quite a fortune on inks, nibs, brush pen, watercolors, papers etc… but it was all WORTH IT!

I’m still a beginner tho, but I try to practice every single day or whenever I can. It’s fun actually! However, if calligraphy or hand lettering is not your thing, you probably can try other things to fill in your “old” days. lol. Click to see great deal here! You guys would love it, especially if you’re into guitars – like my partner does. But if you’re into calligraphy and hand lettering – kita kawan!! Let’s share photos and info on where to get awesome art supplies! :D

Happy New Year 2017

3rd Feb 2017

Happy New Year!

I know it’s a wee bit too late to wish that, but it wouldn’t feel right if I don’t wish it over here. In my blog. My one lonely blog. I know I’ve promised a lot of times that I WILL start blogging again… but I guess the busyness with stuff in the real world had taken most of my free time.

So my brother got me a fit watch last Christmas in hopes that I would get back into the fitness routine that I once did. Yeah, I guess I would. I’ve also bought a brand new Skechers (it’s Pink!!) for that purpose. Woohoo!

I’ll probably check out those edirol ua 25 as well to add into my fitness routine. Let’s hope this won’t be another ‘promise’ I made myself, because honestly, I really hate breaking promises especially when it’s a promise I made for myself. =/

here comes christmas…soon!

6th Dec 2016

At every start of December, my family Whatsapp group will start beeping more often than always – it’s an indication that a family meeting is to commence and a family Christmas party is to be planned. So we had a family meeting last weekend. There were glorious foods involved too! (to be honest, I’m always excited for the meetings for this reason only. lol)

Amongst other things that we’ve agreed upon were the Christmas singing session – which is a MUST in every Sabahan parties. This is definitely NOT my favorite part, despite the fact that I love singing at home, but, singing at family parties is not my thing. However, to avoid Krampus’ wrath, I guess I’m gonna sing a song or two. Probably get my partner involved too; by getting him to learn a few songs by hoobastank – The Reason would be one of it!

Oh, this Christmas is gonna be a merry one. I can feel it already.

no public sharing of music please

1st Nov 2016

How many times have you been to public places like the eateries or hospital waiting room or cafes, and there was this one person who plays music through his/her phone loudly, causing discomfort to the people around them? Yes, that one person who plays his/her favorite song again and again with no regard of the public seated nearby! I did, numerous times, and boy that was so annoying!

Don’t they know how rude that is?? I mean, this is basic, common sense…

There are times when I feel like coming up to them and suggest them to get a detox beats for themselves, just so they could enjoy the music on their own without annoying the heck out of everybody!