Hi, I’m Cindy. (sometimes I go by the name Ethel)

I used to be a freelance makeup artist AND a graphic designer. Currently working from the comfort of my home since moving back in my hometown a year ago. I run a small design business from home called – The Pink Powder Puff. Mother to a pure breed kampung dog named Hachiko. (yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know.. it’s the name of that famous Japanese dog). I’m engaged to a wonderful musician who plays a Sapetar (Google it, if you please). If you’re a relative or a close friend who’s here to check whether or not I have plans on getting married soon – STOP IT! I hate questions like that. I prefer questions like: “Can you do my makeup for my wedding, please??” Or.. “Can you design a chic business card for me, please?” I’m more than happy to answer! Also, I’m interested in just about anything related to art, design, music, photography, cupcake decorating, cupcake eating… I also love to sing. (Which Sabahan doesn’t??)

I have a thing about cemeteries and ghost stories. I once asked my brother to buy me an EVP recorder until a supreme power by the name of MOMMY interfered and cancelled the plan. And ohhh how I like beautiful cemeteries. I think it’s really peaceful there – but I don’t plan to live in one anytime soon. To be honest, I live right next to a cemetery! Not exactly beside one, just that we have a view of cemetery close to our apartment. Isn’t that cool?? Also, I get confused easily. I’m really bad with direction, and I mean REALLY bad, so don’t bother asking me for directions if you’re ever in my hometown. I collect candles. I love pebbles. I adore puppies!

And oh. I just signed up with a gym just started Jillian Michaels’ 30 Days Shred recently, so I would have to shorten the amount of time spent working on the computer like I used to. So if I take a loooong time to finish up your design request (or not being able to accept new requests), please understand that I am now limiting my computer time.. because “health is wealth”, people! (also, I need to lose some weight lah.. *hee*)

Last Update: Jan 18th, 2013

P/S: I would love to go Disneyland (US) someday but I couldn’t afford it. It would be awesome if you could help me raise my vacation fund. Make a girl’s dream come true and your life will be blessed with all the good things. *wink*