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Cute pens for cute girls. (like me) Ha!

30th Mar 2012

My Korean pens finally arrived today! ^__^

I have 7 of them in 7 different colors and patterns. So happieeee! I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them yet, but one thing for sure is that the pink polka dot one is going to sit in my pink organizer. The other 6? Well.. maybe give share with my fiance or give them away as gifts to family or friends. OR I can keep them all to myself. Huahahaha! They’re too cute, I feel like sleeping with them oh. Should the need for a gift arises, there’s always other options. For instance, I can get birthday gifts for mom at Sharis Berries or just pay a visit to eBay and look for other cute things.

As for now, I am really, really happy with my new pens. :-)

I Heart My Day-Timer Pink Organizer

18th Mar 2012

Got myself a pink organizer from Day-Timer a couple of weeks ago from and that cute lil thing arrived early this week!

I love it! I love it! Not only it’s PINK on the inside.. it’s also a Breast Cancer Planner/Organizer edition. So just from buying it, I am actually donating 10% from the money I paid for it to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation – because every Pink Oragnizer sold, Day-Timer donates an approximate of 3 to 10% of the money to the research foundation. So.. YAY me!

Oh, they also come in leather but the ones I got is made of fabric. Didn’t wanna buy the leather ones coz I don’t wanna go through the process of leather dyeing if the leather ever changes color. Of course, I’m kidding ya. I couldn’t afford the leather ones. It’s so expensive! >____< Just this plain, fabric organizer has cost me over RM150+ But all's well in the household of Ms. Forever Tulip. *hee* I love the organizer to my heart. I even bought extra fillers (which cost me another extra $32 (er.. I don't know how much that is in Ringgit Malaysia. Calculate yourself if you wanna know. :-P). Also, I managed to put some colors in the organizer.. just to make it look.. alive!

Nice kah?

Nice kan?

*wicked laugh*

It’s a new Nubar. Oooh!

21st Sep 2011

So I got meself a brand new nail polish again, despite the lots-of-things-to-unpack time, but hey, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, no? This time, I got myself a matte colored nail polish from Nubar.

I know, I know.. pretty, kan? *hee* I haven’t tried it on my nails yet, coz I’m still waiting for my nipper to arrive from The Philippines. My friend’s getting me the original nipper all the way from it’s motherland! Yay! (this is not to say that I am a pro when it comes to doing manicure myself, but I prefer to do it my own since most ..well, ALL of the time, the manicurist will accidentally cut my skin to bleed)

OK, gotta stop posting blog and work on that lcd tv mounts. Sigh.

And then there was…Poppy!

11th Jul 2011

Over the few months I’ve been raving about wanting to buy a Tiffany & Co bracelet to reward my hardwork (both offline and online), I finally decided that maybe a sheet set from Pottery Barn and a brand new bag is enough. So I ditched the plan for Christmas gift *hint* and got me a sheet set from Pottery Barn and a brand new bag. I know, I am repeating myself.

So I got me my first Coach bag!

It’s price probably don’t sound expensive to some of you (probably don’t cost more than the house plaque of some celebrities) but for a mere mortal like me, the price tag on the bag is such a bomb for me! So one can only understand why I will cherish this bag so much and would only use it for special occasions (or sometimes just during non-special occasion as well.. just to minta puji. lol)

I fully realize and accept the fact that I am being selfish here for buying a designer (is this considered as a designer bag, anyway???) bag when I probably can get a few cheaper bags with the money. But hey, a girl can indulge once in a while ya? It’s not like I shop for expensive bags everyday. Or every month. Maybe once a year!

Of course, I am kidding.

Dang that Radley!

5th Jun 2011

Just when I was about to rest my case on the Coach bag that I went gaga over, just about a week ago, I am now losing sleep over another brand that I found too cute to ignore recently: Radley. Yes, like the title I wrote above.

Just after telling my fiancé how a girl should have at least 1 expensive bag in her collection, along came little Radley the doggie with it’s wagging tail, bringing along with him, a collection that is (I think it’s not too much to say) to die for.

How can I say no to that little dog tag on every bags?

How can I not have at least ten one Radley stuff in my collection….? OK, maybe I do have a Radley wallet and a Radley luggage already… but what about the rest of the collections? Especially those yang ada pemandangan-pemandangan on the bags…..!

Or the Olney luggage bag that I’m willing to kill for! Literally speaking, lah.. :-P

Is it possible to become a Radley agent in Malaysia? As in, not to have an actual store to keep the stocks lah. More like, becoming a member and getting crazy discounts on every Radley bag purchased? He he he he..

Of course, a girl can only hope lah…