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Make Your Own Dyed Eggs For Easter

17th Mar 2008


Did you know you can dye an Easter egg using cabbage, beets, spinach and all kinds of things that kids hate to eat?

Make something new, something different, something healthy this Easter! Chris at Curbly have the video instructions at his website. The project is so lovely, you might want to consider participating in a trade show booths to show off your project! *hee*


3rd Feb 2008

If I were to migrate, I would choose UK as a destination. Not only do they have insanely beautiful scenery, they also have cute stuffs that makes us poor Malaysian can only drool at. Like this beautiful piece called Secret Garden. It’s not an illustration, mind you. It’s a pop-up book!


Found at Whippet Grey, this is one pretty thing I want to have sitting on the table beside my barebones computer – that is, when I have the money to buy both pop-up book and the computer. *heehee*

But feel free to donate to my Fund if you’d like to help me make one of my dream come true. I am after all… a girl who’s in dire need of funding help. :-P

Dear Lord

1st Feb 2008


I’m suffering from a serious painful gum because my wisdom tooth decided to grow at this age. I hate how I wanted to cry every 5 minutes. I just want a bright and happy feelings at this moment. I baked a cake last night at 12 midnight. I waited for it to cool off till late 3 in the morning because I wanted to put the icing on it – which I did. But the stupid gum decided to make my life miserable again, I end up slapping the cake randomly with the icing, making it horrible!

So could You please make me happy? Like maybe make me win the Lottery? I saw the old man who sells the Lottery again today. I heard it cost about RM3 per ticket and that if I hit it, I could win up to RM2mil! Wouldn’t that be awesome for me?! There’s a gazillion possibilities I can do with that money. I promise if I have that much money, I will never spend it on unnecessary stuff anymore. I’ll take my family for a vacation, first thing. Probably go to Las Vegas and stay in a cheap hotel Las Vegas so we could save money on shopping sightseeing.

And then I’ll buy the one thing I have always wanted from the USA.
The Tea’s Me Tea Set.


The whole set would cost me $85 – which wouldn’t be a problem if I have RM2mil in my pocket. So please, dear Lord.. is it too much to ask for a little bit of happiness for a sick girl like me? :-( Thank you for listening.